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General Contracting and Construction Management with OLIO Construction Services

Project Management
Transparent Reporting
Quality Control


Hit your opening date and start generating revenue. The OLIO Cm team uses cutting-edge technology and years of experience to sequence all of the numerous pieces of a project into a well-oiled building machine.

  • Transparent reliable communication via weekly reports
  • lucky777Extensive, systemized quality control for each and every project
  • Diligent schedule orchestration and management
  • Site safety and on-the-ground oversight

How We Build to the Highest Standards of Quality, Safety, and Sustainability

1. Pre-Construction

We work closely with you, your architect, and engineers before ever breaking ground.

  • Develop a comprehensive budget
  • Find and select subcontractors and suppliers who can keep pace with your ideal timeline
  • Listen and provide feedback on value engineering suggestions that can save you time and money

2. Construction

We oversee the entire process to keep the project on time and within your budget.

  • Maintain quality control, safety, and security standards
  • Orchestrate contractors, lucky777 apksubcontractors, and supplier timelines
  • Coordinate schedules to minimize disruption to your operations as needed

3. Post-Construction

We wrap up the project and hand over the keys to your next great venture.

  • Conduct a thorough walkthrough for final quality control
  • Obtain and manage all required inspections and certifications
  • Address and manage any needs that arise

Our Services

Know what’s happening at every stage. We send consistent weekly reports to all parties reviewing the milestones, goals met (or not met), budget, scheduling, and more.
Everything you need for a high-quality build. We vet on average 3 bids per trade to establish market price and ensure lucky777 casinothe entire scope of work is covered.
We confirm all commitments, subcontractor timing, and supplier lead time. Then we sequence everything to create the most efficient schedule possible.
Quality Control
Our site managers keep their eye on the details with a project-specific punch list of over 360 questions on average to guide our quality control.
Site Management
We oversee your project to keep it on track, maintain quality control, ensure job site safety, and coordinate any necessary inspections.

Ensure quality and safety every step of the way

Brad Giha

Director of Construction

“Once a project enters the construction phase, it’s my job to keep everything lucky777 online casinoon track and ensure quality and safety every step of the way until the project is completed and handed over to the client. I work closely with the project managers and superintendents in the field to stay on top of progress and ensure adherence to approved construction drawings.”

Together Is the Way we work.
Our processes are built from years of expertise, anchored in relationships. Our weekly in-depth reports, transparent communication, and collaboration are what makes development projects work. It’s why we’ve built up our team to be filled with people who care about the project and the people involved.
Transparent. 5 OxBlue cameras placed on each site for visibility into daily progress.
Accountable. 1273 weekly progress reports sent and counting.
Collaborative. 850+ subcontractors, vendors, and companies we’ve worked with.
Driven. 0 weekends scheduled. We get the job done when we say we will.

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